Child dental treatments

If you have a child then questions like when you should schedule your child’s first dental appointment or how to know if your child is need of braces are quite common to have.
Many parents around the world have a hard time figuring out the answers to these questions. However, we at Smile n Décor are here to answer all your answers and provide the best child dental treatments for your toddler. We have experienced pediatric dentists who provide the best solutions to child dental problems.

When should your little one/ones see a dentist?
According to our experts children should see their dentist by their first birthday. It is here that the dentist explains the correct brushing and flossing techniques and carries out a thorough check-up while your child is still in your lap.
These initial visits assist the dentist in prescribing the right child dental treatments and helps the toddlers in overcoming their fears of visiting a dentist as they grow older.
We always recommend you take your child to dentist who specialises in pediatrics as these dentists are well trained in handling a wide range of dental issues that a child might have and can go ahead with the correct form of treatment. Moreover, they are also able to tell you when you should go for another specialist like an orthodontist in order to correct an overbite or a surgeon for jaw realignment.

Cavities – the most common of all child dental problems

Cavities happen when you have food left on your teeth after eating and they are not cleaned properly. This leads to acid formation which creates a cavity and this can be a painful ordeal for a child.

Following are some steps our dentists recommend to prevent cavities:

  • Initiate good oral habits as early as possible.
  • Get enough fluorides as it toughens the teeth.
  • Avoid sugary foods.

Bring your child to us for regular check-ups and we guarantee that we will provide the best child dental treatments for your little ones by preventing cavities, decay, coloured-tooth, or any other problem that they might face.
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