Dental Jewellery

Recently more and more and more millenials are visiting their dentists the world over for a reason completely different to that of the traditional notion.

And, we at Smile n Decor have also been noticing this trend, both amongst girls and boys, especially those who are going abroad for their studies or are trying to fit in with the young and the gorgeous.

This trend is nothing else but that of dental jewellery, a piece of ornament that adds that added sparkle to your precious smile.

So what exactly is dental jewellery?
Dental jewellery is an added accessory that is placed at the front or the anterior portion of your tooth.
This particular style craze has gained tremendous momentum over the last few years or so and it helps you to fully express your individuality through your unique smile, thus helping you to stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Are they permanent?
As already mentioned this style statement is fast becoming popular and involves the placing of gems on your tooth.
These gems are colourful crystal glasses that are mounted on an aluminium foil that can be used on the tooth. However, the best part is that unlike tattoos and piercings, this procedure does not involve any evasive measures, thus making it much safer as a style statement.

It does not involve any drilling, does not cause any pain, and there is hardly any excess maintenance. Moreover, dental jewellery can be placed on the tooth for a special occasion and removed afterwards, as per your convenience.

How long does dental jewellery last?
A piece of dental jewellery, if applied adhering to the methods and procedures suggested by us, usually stays on until and unless you decide to remove it for any particular reason. However, broadly speaking, it generally lasts from anywhere around 6 months to a few years.

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