Fixed teeth replacements

What is fixed teeth replacement?

Fixed teeth replacements are done with the purpose of replacing missing teeth or a tooth with an artificial one. These replacements are just as aesthetical and functional as your natural teeth.
With developments in the field of dentistry there are a number of options that you can go for in order to replace your teeth some of which ranges from traditional dentures to bridges and crowns and even implants in certain cases. It is absolutely crucial for you to replace your missing tooth so that your oral functionality does not get affected.

Important reasons to replace your lost teeth –

Following are some reasons as to why you should go for fixed teeth replacements:

  • Speech, general health, and chewing can get affected if it is not done in time.
  • Your overall appearance can get seriously affected for the worse.
  • Teeth that are located adjacent to spaces might tilt or drift into them which might lead to severe pain and loss of proper oral functionality.
  • Also, teeth located in the opposite jaw either above or below the space might grow longer in some instances as there are no teeth opposite to them to bite into and those teeth in proper place and order.
  • And finally, your bite can affected in which case your front teeth can get forced forward as a result of it.

What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a kind of cap that is placed over your teeth in order to cover it and also to restore its shape, strength, and size. They are made up of materials like ceramic, metal, and newer materials like metal-free ceramics.

What are Dental Bridges?
In certain cases of fixed teeth replacements dental bridges are used to cover the gap between missing teeth. The crowns are then fixed over them with the purpose of holding the artificial teeth in place.
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