Normal & Surgical extraction(Removal)

Broadly speaking, there are two types of dental extraction that are done by our dental experts – normal and surgical extraction. Simple or normal extraction is done to remove teeth that are visible and are easily accessible. While on the other hand, the surgical procedure is preferred in cases that require incision into the connective tissue in order to have access to the tooth that needs to be removed.

Normal dental extraction
This type of dental extraction done by our experts at Smile n Decor involves the removal of those teeth that are easily accessible. General dentists usually carry out this procedure in their day to day practices, using a local anaesthetic to numb the area and alleviate the pain that the patient might face.

Instruments that elevate the affected tooth and grasp it are used such as an elevator and a dental forceps. While the elevator is used to loosen the tooth the forceps are used to grasp it for extraction.

 Surgical dental extraction
This procedure involves the removal of those teeth that are not easily visible or accessible inside the mouth.

This is mainly because they do not erupt through the gum or gets fractured under the gum line. In such a case, an incision is made into the connective tissue of the surrounding tooth in order to get access to it for extraction.

Both normal and surgical extraction helps in reducing the overall risks of complications including pain, infection, and inflammation.

Other complications of a normal and  surgical extraction include:

Reach us today to get the best of either of these two procedures and we ensure that we will do everything to alleviate these complications.

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