Smile Designing

How is the treatment carried out?
Smile designing is a treatment or a cosmetic treatment whose sole focus is to improve your appearance while you smile through a variety of procedures like teeth whitening, veneers (an aesthetic solution to a crooked tooth which gives the impression of a straight tooth), composite bonding, and teeth implant.

People who suffer from issues like tooth decay, stains, and plaque are usually the ones who go for a treatment like this one. Some factors that are taken into consideration include the facial appearance, skin tone, lips, and gum tissues.

Following are some of the aspects that this treatment encounters:

  • Tooth Colour – A tooth that is discoloured or stained might leave you with a dull or aged look. We at Smile n Décor ensure that your teeth are bright so that you can give a confident smile.
  • Spacing and Alignment – Thanks to improved veneers teeth that are broken, or have uneven gaps between them can now be fixed.
  • Missing Tooth – This can hamper your facial aesthetic and going for an implant is the best smiledesigning solution for this problem.
  • Fuller lips, cheeks, and smile – Our treatment not only focuses on your teeth but we also pay attention to your cheeks and lips so that you can get a complete makeover.

Does this treatment have any side effects?
If you are halting your treatment in fear that it might have serious side effects then let our experts tell you that, no, this treatment do not have any side effects.

Some helpful post-treatment guidelines –
Although, as mentioned above, smiledesigning treatment does not have any serious side effects, however, some people shows minor and temporary problems like sensitivity after or during the gum bleaching procedure.
However, if you come to us we will take every measure possible to allay any such issues before or after the process and share some other valuable tips which might come in handy.
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